Translation mostly means translating technical texts mainly in shipbuilding, construction, machine building, instrument engineering, weaponry, electronics and electrical engineering.   The main objective of translation is rendering the original text in another language clearly conveying the meaning and preserving style, technical and grammatic norms specific to the target language To achieve this objective a translator should not only posses perfect knowledge of languages but also have  special technical background or vast experience in that technical area.   Our translators work with various language pairs. However, the experience proves that the following languages are most in demand in our sphere:

  • translation from English to Russian
  • translation from French to Russian
  • translation from German to Russian
  • translation from Russian to English
  • translation from Russian to French
  • translation from Russian to Spanish

Translating drawings in various formats

Design documentation is an important part of technical documentation. We have a huge experience in dealing with drawings and we are capable of translating drawings in various formats.

Legal translations

Legal translation means translating business and legal documents (contracts, agreements, business correspondence, articles of association, banking documents etc)

Quality Assurance

One of the most important aspects in document translation is the quality of the final product. We are doing our best to maintain the highest professional level keeping up with the latest international standards in translation sphere. According these standards one of the main criterion for translation job is the pursuance of  specifications finalized with a customer.

The Specifications is a document to be discussed with a customer at the first stage of project development. The document includes all the requirements to the target language document (sometimes, if  required, it is to be done up the slightest details) and establishes the quality control parameters.

TTP MARINES holds  quality certificates of URS and  Russian Register confirming that  company’s quality control system is in compliance with international standard ISO 9001.

Другие языки: Chinese (Simplified), French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish